ISDDE 2016 Infrastructuring by design

The theme, Infrastructuring by Design, refers to designer efforts to develop and implement the human and material resources required for supporting education in and across various system levels. Chris Sigaloff is one of the speakers.

SLO, Lange Viestraat 371, Utrecht

19 – 22 September 2016

ISDDE 2016 is the twelfth annual conference of The International Society for Design and Development in Education. ISDDE was formed to help educational designers work effectively as a coherent professional design and development community.

The goals of the society are:

  •  improving the design & development processes
  •  building a design community
  •  increasing our impact on educational practice

“In the 2016 conference, we will pay attention to all of ISDDE’s goals, especially that of “increasing our impact on educational practice.” As designers, we are readily satisfied if our books, lessons, modules, curricula, etc. work in raising teacher or student enthusiasm and understanding. We are even happier, though, when we see that others choose to work with our products, and help them reach larger groups of users. This makes us ask, How can we structure our design activities in such a way that their outreach increases, and that they have more impact? ”

Chris Sigaloff is one of the speakers. She will talk about designing new schools and creating room for unusual suspects, a breakthrough in education.

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