Out of Office #6 ‘Inside Out Innovation’

We are happy to invite you to the sixth edition of our Out of Office series: meetings in Spring House at the end of the afternoon in which we discuss issues important to Kennisland with experts and practioners. Expect lively discussions and interesting encounters.


5.00-7.00 pm

Spring House, De Ruijterkade 128, Amsterdam

26 October 2016

In this edition you can meet two brave social service leaders from British Columbia, Canada, who are working to shift social service delivery systems from the inside out.

Gord Tulloch is the Director of Innovation for PosAbilities, a large a disability services organization. Christine Scott is the Executive Director of the Simon Fraser Society for Community Living, a midsized non-profit. Together with social design bureau InWithForward and disability service provider, Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion, they have embarked on an emergent and ongoing innovation process to shake up the status quo.

  • Hear about a deep partnership approach to systems change;
  • Find out how they have collaborated with social design agency InWithForward to co-design, prototype, and spread a new social service model: Kudoz.ca (that is up for the Service Design of the year Award);
  • Get an honest peak behind the curtain about the opportunities and challenges of using design & social science methods to drive change;
  • Discuss what is next: building a shared Social Research & Development infrastructure within the social sector.
‘Kudoers’ are individuals living with a cognitive disability who gather experience and get awarded with badges.

‘Kudoers’ are individuals living with a cognitive disability who gather experience and get awarded with badges.

Maker: InWIthForward



Gord Tulloch

Gord Tulloch has been working in the disability sector for 25 years. Since 2012 he has been serving as the Director of Innovation at posAbilities. His role allows him to explore innovation within business, government and social services in order to discover new approaches to realizing the vision of “good lives in welcoming communities.” His work has led him increasingly upstream to focus on:

  1. social resiliency and ways to grow and to catalyze community capacity (e.g. Can You Dig It; Building Caring Communities, Kudoz);
  2. developing the ability of service delivery organizations to perform brokering roles that facilitate meaningful lives in the community. His work also includes fledgling forays into movement-building.

Christine Scott

Christine Scott is the Executive Director of Simon Fraser Society for Community Living. She has worked within the sector for almost 30 years, beginning as an Early Interventionist and Child Development consultant and later teaching at the post-secondary level. The last several years have consisted of three foci:

  1. leveraging her organizations assets and driving new models of socially-purposed real estate development in partnership with community organizations, private developers and municipal and provincial government;
  2. growing cross-sectoral networks and partnership in order to collectively advance social missions and impact, user experience and efficiency;
  3. investing in social research and resource development and community-centric experiments, that will furnish organizations with new intelligence around how to help engender flourishing lives in more connected communities.


InWithForward makes, tests, and spreads new social services, practices, and policies with people living most on the margins. InWithForward started in Rotterdam in late 2013 to prompt change with people on-the-ground, within organizations, and inside of big systems. Over the past two years, they have built partnerships with three large disability service providers in British Columbia and several large homelessness providers in Ontario to build teams and set up structures for continuous innovation. The InWithForward Team consists of principal partners Jonas Piet, Dr. Sarah Schulman, and Muryani Kasdani plus a growing network of designers, anthropologists, community mobilizers, and secondees.

Info & registration

There is a limited number of spaces, so please sign up no later than 24 October. We will provide snacks and drinks.

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