Workshop Design & The City

Kennisland will be organising a workshop for the Design & The City conference on re-evaluating the role of the (metropolitan) government in a Smart City. We will be working with the Feed Forward Stories storytelling method.


10:00 to 17:00

De Vlugtlaan 125, Amsterdam

22 April 2016

“The technology is already out there – but are we smart enough to use it?” (quote by Alex Mestre).++The new smart cityRead the article ‘The new smart city – from hi-tech sensors to social innovation‘ by Tim Smedley, who was first to use this quotation. In a time where technology is increasingly hailed as a solution for complex social issues, it’s essential to realise that the main challenge isn’t technological, but social and governmental. Creating space for citizens to assume a larger role in solving social matters, and facilitating that from across all government silos are among the challenges that will need to be addressed. On April 22nd, Kennisland will be organising a workshop on this theme for the Design & The City conference++Design & The City Design & The City explores citizen-centered design approaches for the smart city. Here you can read more about the conference. in Amsterdam.

During this workshop we will re-evaluate the role of the (metropolitan) government by working with the storytelling method ‘Feed Forward Stories’, to qualitatively research how citizens deal with urban challenges on a daily basis. At the end of the workshop we will lead a session in which we will discuss what main themes can be distilled across the teams, as well as how the participants experienced the process.

We are looking for participants++Who are we looking for?Government professionals, designers, engineers, social workers – and others who convincingly state their motivation. who are eager to engage in a hands-on discussion by venturing out into a neighbourhood in Amsterdam.

To apply for this workshop please e-mail a one paragraph CV and a short motivation letter to Tessa de Geus ( The deadline for application has been extended to April 1st 2016.

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