SIX Summer School 2016 Colombia: Social innovation in divided societies

Over the past 8 years, the annual SIX Summer Schools have brought together leading social innovation thinkers and practitioners from across the world to explore some of the key issues facing the field – such as scaling and innovation in a time of crisis.

Bogota, Colombia
5 – 7 October 2016

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Across the world, there is growing sense that our societies are becoming more divisive. Whether it’s the widening gap between the rich and the poor, or the critical narrative around the most vulnerable in our society, our communities seem less cohesive.

At SIX, we don’t believe that this widening gulf is inevitable. But arresting it needs innovation in how we work, and live together. It also needs new forms of collaboration across established sectors and cultures. That’s why social innovation++KL and social innovationRead more about our activities in the field of social innovation. in polarised societies is the focus of the 2016 SIX Summer School taking place in Colombia.

At SIX you will find leading social innovation thinkers and doers who gather for two and a half days to reflect on common topics, share experiences and identify potential collaborations, in the rich and challenging Colombian context. Policy makers will join with practitioners, business leaders, academics, activists and funders of social innovation.

Chris Sigaloff will represent Kennisland on this edition of the SIX Summer School. She will give an overview of the field of social innovation in Europe and more specifically of some of Kennisland’s most relevant and influential projects geared towards societal renewal.

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