Social Innovation Academy 2019

From 16-18 July, the thirty Semi-Finalists of the European Social Innovation Competition will gather in Turin to bring their projects further and learn about social innovation. You have the chance to meet the Semi-Finalists during the open event ‘The Future of Social Innovation’.

Unimanagement, Via XX Settembre, 29, Turin, Italy

Semi-Finalists (2018)

Semi-Finalists arrive to the Social Innovation Academy

Maker: European Social Innovation Competition


Semi-Finalists arrive to the Social Innovation Academy
16 – 18 July 2019

Last May, out of over 500 applications thirty promising Semi-Finalists were selected for this year’s European Social Innovation Competition++The CompetitionThe European Social Innovation Competition is an initiative of the DG Growth of the European Commission, and is organised by Nesta, Ashoka, ENoLL, Scholz & Friends and Kennisland. The competition promotes and supports social innovation in Europe and provides a platform for leading European innovators to support new initiatives, help them develop further and to learn from each other. on Challenging Plastic Waste. This week they will come together in Turin for a three-day Social Innovation Academy, where local and international experts will support them with lectures, workshops and showcases.

Plastic waste is a complex issue that needs to be tackled on multiple levels. One of the judges’ takeaways for innovators working directly or indirectly in the plastic waste field worldwide, is that it’s crucial to focus on upstream solutions. These get to the heart of the problem by addressing systemic issues rather than being purely reactiveIt’s crucial to focus on upstream solutions. These get to the heart of the problem by addressing systemic issues rather than being purely reactive.. This way, new solutions can contribute to creating different ways of doing things which is more sustainable in a long-term perspective.

The Semi-Finalists of 2019++Semi-FinalistsLearn more about the Semi-Finalists here.
challenge plastic waste in a myriad of ways: from creating compostable diapers to recyclable building materials, a mobile recycling workshop or plastic education programmes. They are supported through an extensive programme with personal coaching, access to a pool of experts and, of course, the Social Innovation Academy. Out of the thirty semi-finalists, three winners receive a prize of € 50,000 each in November 2019.

Join us and meet the Semi-Finalists at our public event ‘The Future of Social Innovation’ on Wednesday July 17 in Turin (free), or follow us on our journey through the Social Innovation Academy via Twitter.

For any questions about the event or the competition, reach out to:

Follow us on Twitter: @EUSocialInnov

Find out more about the Competition here.

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