Frum van Egmond - KL Associate Onderwijsvernieuwing
Frum van Egmond - KL Associate Onderwijsvernieuwing

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KL Associate Education innovation

Frum van Egmond

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Frum’s specialisation is designing education. She translates scientific insights and social developments into practical possibilities for the classroom.

Frum is the founder of De Noordwijkse School, a primary school with its own educational philosophy. She has also developed The Noordwijkse Methode. After five years of management and board responsibilities at the primary school, she now guides schools that want to get started with this method.

In addition, Frum supervises all kinds of innovation projects nationally and internationally, she gives lectures and develops new educational concepts and materials for The Noordwijkse Methode.

Kennisland regularly collaborates with Frum, for example in our project Onze Nieuwe School++Onze Nieuwe SchoolKennisland called on everyone to submit ideas for new schools in Amsterdam. A national, and even international first: residents of a city were allowed to devise and set up their ideal school themselves. Read more , where she taught the seventy participants the art of school making from her own experience. She also shared her lessons as a pioneering school leader with primary, secondary and vocational education teachers from all over the country for our Education Pioneers project++Education PioneersEducation Pioneers supports teachers who have their own innovative idea to improve their school during a school year with budget, coaching, a learning network and a platform to realise and share an innovation themselves. It has been given a permanent place in Dutch education under the name ‘LerarenDevelopementFund’ (LerarenOntwikkelFund – LOF). Read more . Ten years ago she was also involved in our Expedition 2020 project, a programme for excellent students who jointly designed the teacher training programme of the future. There are more great projects in which Frum played a star role as an innovator (including ‘Education Entrepreneurs’ and the Social Innovation Safari).

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