Koko Herder
Koko Herder

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Advisor urban innovation

Koko Herder

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Koko is an advisor urban innovation. He is fascinated by urban change and focuses mainly on the question of how citizens can contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable city. He thinks that bottom-up initiatives should not only create a local impact, but also an impact on the scale of, for example, governmental structures. At the moment Koko is involved in Amsterdammers, Make Your City!.++Amsterdammers, Make Your City! 600,000 euros is made available for city makers, as well as a tailor-made accelerator programme. Social innovation initiatives working towards a more inclusive city, and focussing on either the ‘Healthy City’ or ‘Talented City’ could apply to the programme.

Koko graduated from a Research Master Urban Studies at the University of Amsterdam, where he obtained a bachelor in Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning too. He researched the transformation of car-centric cities into bicycle cities++BicyclesKoko took the idea that there are not only physical and technical dimensions to bicycle infrastructure, but also important social dimensions as a starting point for his research. This article in the Guardian exemplifies this idea. and took courses at universities in the Netherlands as well as abroad, including Delft University of Technology, University College London, University of Washington and Newcastle University. He now uses the inspiration that he took from living and studying in cities across the globe to support and advance innovative urban and social initiatives.

Through voluntary work at Academie van de Stad++Academy of the CityIn the project Springlevende Wijk [Alive and Kicking Neighbourhood] students live in a low-income neighbourhood at a reduced rent price and run civic projects in the neighbourhood. (Academy of the City) during his studies Koko became enthusiastic about working together with citizens on improving the city. His passion for co-creation motivates him to work on complex societal challenges at Kennisland.

In his free time you can find Koko in magazine stores hunting for extraordinary publications, such as Amsterdam-based magazine Ordinary. In summer he likes to explore Amsterdam’s hinterlands on his road bike. Also Koko loves to observe and talk modern architecture and he is a huge fan of Frank Ocean and Beyoncé.++BeyoncéSee for example Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance of 2016.