Koko Herder
Koko Herder

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Advisor urban innovation

Koko Herder

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Koko is an advisor urban innovation. He develops and applies experimental methods such as social labs and challenges to bring about urban transitions and innovations, for example in the fields of housing and healthcare. Strengthening collaboration between local governments, knowledge institutions and bottom-up initiatives is important in this respect. His main motivation to work on urban innovation strategies is to make better use of the knowledge and creativity that is widespread in cities – for example among residents.

In the programme City Deal Kennis Maken: stad als leeromgeving [the city as a learning environment] Koko works toward making better use of the knowledge and talent that is present at higher-education institutions, by involving researchers, lecturers and students more closely in solving urban issues. He worked on a future vision for nursing home De Buitenhof by mapping local housing and care needs and designing future scenarios together with nursing home residents, employees and local residents. Before that, he supported innovative projects from residents of Amsterdam in the programme Amsterdammers, Make Your City!. Also, he is part of the team that organises our monthly Out of Office.

Koko graduated from a Research Master Urban Studies at the University of Amsterdam, where he obtained a bachelor in Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning too. Through voluntary work at Academie van de Stad [Academy of the City]++Voluntary workIn the project Springlevende Wijk [Alive and Kicking Neighbourhood] students live in a low-income neighbourhood at a reduced rent price and run civic projects in the neighbourhood. during his studies, he became enthusiastic about working together with citizens on improving the city.

You can regularly find Koko at activities in Kennisland’s base Spring House. For example, together with fellow members he organised a series of events on taboo topics such as gender++T-shirtFor one of the events, Koko designed a T-shirt with a print of the more than 70 gender options one can choose on Facebook. and unconventional romantic relationships. He also often shares facts about Japan in Spring House, because he is a huge fan of the country and follows Japanese language lessons.

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