Margreet Moesker
Margreet Moesker

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Margreet Moesker

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Margreet Moesker is a cultural anthropologist and advisor healthcare innovation at Kennisland. As a researcher she is looking for the voice and opinion of the people who are directly involved in social issues. She believes a case is best approached from different perspectives by actively involving all parties – as experts – in the research process. Her mission is to look at healthcare as an integral part of life/society rather than regarding it as a separate system. Margreet believes that radical innovation in healthcare is possible by better listening to each other, laying a stronger foundation in education and building bridges through unconventional collaborations.

What good healthcare should look like and how one can contribute to a sustainable system, is a question relevant for people of all ages. In order to answer this question she will set up learning communities++Communities of Practice“groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.” Three components are required in order to be a CoP: (1) the domain, (2) the community, and (3) the practice. ” (Lave & Wenger) around taking care with and for each other. Her anthropological background combined with her experience as a teacher, journalist and youth television maker at Het Klokhuis++Het KlokhuisHet Klokhuis (NTR) is a Dutch informative youth television programme which has existed for more than 30 years and informs children about the world around them, in the broadest sense of the word. gives her a unique point of view. A care institution can be just as “exotic” to her as an indigenous tribe in Africa. She sees organisations, municipalities, schools, neighbourhoods and care institutionsWhen building learning communities, she uses her anthropological view, combined with her experience as a teacher, journalist and youth television maker. as cultures, each having their own rituals and customs.

Margreet has experience with actively involving young people in research as a “co-researcher”.  Her Masters in Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship++Cultural anthropologyCultural anthropology studies the cultural diversity of people and the mutual differences and connections between different societies. led her to South Africa where she did ethnographic research into how street youth creates a ‘home’ and ‘belonging’. For her Bachelor’s in Gender Studies++Gender StudiesIn gender studies we research for whom, where and why certain knowledge is important. And how the differences in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, class, age and sexuality reinforce social and cultural inclusion and exclusion processes and power relations., she researched how Moroccan teenage girls view success in general, how they perceive their success and how they aim to realise their future dreams.

In her job as a high school teacher, she encouraged young people to pursue their dreams. After that she started a Master’s in Journalism to pursue her own dream: working for youth television programme Het Klokhuis. For a few years she managed to work on more than a hundred episodes on a huge array of subjects. From international episodes about plastic soup to a cross-media series about design – from a series about world heritage to episodes about orangutans, koalas and the tick. As an editor and researcher she used her infinite curiosity to better inform children about the world around them and to make them question it, too. Moreover, fueled by the conviction that it is important for young people to think about social issues, Margreet took a position as a Social Sciences teacher at Utrecht University.

What she also likes to do? Having breakfast in the garden, playing for tourist and being an anthropologist in her own city. Together with her son and boyfriend she is outdoors as much as possible; she cycles through Utrecht, walks on the beach of Texel, or goes on an adventure with the canoe and tent. One day, she would love to make an interactive documentary in which children from around the world interview different generations within their family about the lessons life gave them.

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