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Max Wolf

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Max Wolf

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Max Wolf is a political scientist and advisor social innovation and diversity at Kennisland. He is convinced that diversity will always trump homogeneity, because a diverse group of individuals will always lead to better representation, results and equality. He wants to deal with restrictive (gender) roles and unrealistic norms++Unrealistic normsThere are numerous ways in which people are expected to meet unrealistic norms that exist within society. For example, women are expected to maintain a household apart from their full-time jobs, older people will generally be overlooked because of their age and individuals without a degree will generally be looked down upon. on which people are judged upon by society. This will result in a society in which everyone will be appreciated for their own qualities and talents. Through this lens, Max wishes to analyse all his projects at Kennisland to innovate in the field of diversity and inclusion. 

Because of a fascination for gender roles and the way in which they influence our society and keep inequalities in check, Max chose to specialise in gender, equality, diversity and inclusion in politics through a master’s programme at Radboud University Nijmegen. He is interested in the way in which men and women are expected to behave masculine and feminine. For example, men are discouraged from crying and openly talking about their feelings because it is seen as a ‘feminine’ characteristic. When we stop judging men and women++Men/womenIndividuals who do not identify with the binary idea of ‘men’ and ‘women’ are also restricted by these expectations, because they as well are judged upon by the way in which they can fit into either one of those categories. in the way in which they comply with this system, it will result in a society that lets people freely choose how they want to be. His interests in societal issues started with gender roles++Gender rolesMax himself has some experience with the negative influence that this system can have. Especially in the way in which the acceptance of homosexuality among men correlates with the way in which they behave ‘masculine’. This system even influences certain aspects of the LGBTQ+ community., but they quickly grew to cover a whole lot more subjects.

Max’s mission is to make the world more equal, started with an internship at the Dutch national Green Party. During this internship, he supported several MPs with their parliamentary debates. The subjects ranged from poverty to youth healthcare, and LGBTQ+ emancipation. His biggest lesson during this internship: when creating new policy, it is vital to incorporate the voice of the people involved. This will lead to more durable and a higher-quality form of policy that will easily gain more support. A lesson which he always tries to keep top-of-mind, because talking and deciding with people will always trump talking and deciding about people. That is one of the main reasons why he always tries to find similarities instead of differences, because every individual, no matter what, has something to contribute.

He feels right at home in The Netherlands’ oldest city of Nijmegen. His headphones are practically glued to his head with which he listens to a broad range of genres. He makes playlists with his favourite music for himself and his friends for every thinkable occasion. He very much enjoys the small things in life and uses a big part of his free time for bouldering. Dancing all night with his friends during the many concerts and parties he goes to is one of his favourite things to do.

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