Paul Keller, voorzitter en adviseur auteursrechtenbeleid
Paul Keller

Paul Keller, chair and advisor copyright policy

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Advisor copyright policy

Paul Keller

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Paul Keller is a copyright policy advisor. He develops new projects and advises public bodies, cultural institutions and other organisations about policy, open data and open innovation. He focuses primarily on the topics of copyright, culture and urban innovation. In The Hague and Brussels, he lobbies on behalf of Kennisland and cultural heritage institutions.++LobbyHe has coordinated the copyright law lobby of the Europeana network since 2013 in the context of reforming European copyright law. Paul is a board member at Creative Commons International and the Europeana Foundation, and is a founder of the Communia Association for the Public Domain (COMMUNIA).++COMMUNIAWithin the framework of COMMUNIA, Kennisland lobbies for more modern and open European copyright law and the protection of the public domain, together with several European partner organisations.

Paul has specific expertise in the field of technology, copyright and designing open systems to promote access to knowledge. He focuses both on the implementation of open access strategies in complex organisations++Open accessFor example, he is jointly responsible for the Europeana Licensing Framework, which ensures that all metadata published by Europeana and half of the content published by Europeana is available for reuse. and influencing legal frameworks such as copyright law. Paul was involved with the founding of Creative Commons Netherlands and was responsible for Images for the Future at Kennisland.

Paul is inspired by the conviction that open access to culture and information can make an important contribution to a strong society. At Kennisland, Paul works to strengthen the position of public institutions, including heritage institutions, in the online environment in order to offer an alternative to the commercialisation of the Internet. This includes copyright law that provides space for the interests of public institutions and the creativity of users, and also a more fundamental rethink based on Commons principles.

In 2003, Paul completed his master’s in comparative political science at the University of Amsterdam. Between 2003 and 2007, he led the Public Research programme at Waag Society. Between 2004 and 2005, he also worked as a researcher at ImagineIC in Amsterdam-Zuidoost.

Paul was born and grew up in Hannover in Germany, where he studied social sciences at the University of Hannover, before moving to the Netherlands in 1998. Paul is an experienced cyclist and worked until 2005 as a bike messenger++Bike messengerSee the bike he rode until 2006 here. in cities including Hannover, Berlin, New York and Amsterdam. In 1999, Paul took the initiative in establishing the annual Annick van Hardeveld Memorial Race.

Paul loves travelling and photographing the things he encounters during his travels. He enjoys cooking and is addicted to letters (in the sense of books, magazines, newspapers and pamphlets). In addition, he curates the world’s largest collection of flyers from African clairvoyants.++African clairvoyantsPart of this collection can be viewed at Paul lives with his girlfriend and two daughters in Amsterdam-West.


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