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Remko Berkhout

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Remko Berkhout

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As a coach and facilitator, Remko designs and supervises development and change processes for leaders, organisations and coalitions that work on social innovation.

Remko Berkhout ‘grew up’ in the world of development cooperation, worked for years in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique, and after a Dutch stopover settled in Austria, where he works with change-makers all over the world on themes varying from urban development, democratic innovation and ‘planetary welfare’.  

Leading is his conviction that the great challenges of our time call for new approaches and new connections, between people, between sectors and between cultures. Practice is the best teacher to cultivate the new mindsets and skills necessary for this.

Remko has been working with Kennisland for over ten years. He has contributed to the development of methodologies, networks and strategies for innovation labs. (Lab2 and Labcraft, among others). From 2015 to 2017 he worked with a KL team on Liebes Kreta, a community arts lab in Vienna. In 2022, together with KL, he supervised the development of a new strategy for Stichting DOEN. In addition, Remko coaches KL staff in their individual development, together with Amis Boersma.

Read more about Remko on his website.

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