Stéphanie van der Raad
Stéphanie van der Raad

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Stéphanie van der Raad

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Stéphanie van der Raad is an advisor in the field of education. She is convinced that innovation and development go hand-in-hand with discovering and making use of talents and studying all aspects of a problem. Stéphanie works on education projects such as StudentLab++StudentLabIn four StudentLab sessions, almost 300 Dutch students used their own experience to develop 29 plans to improve the transition from intermediate vocational education to higher professional education. and Operation Red Tape++Red TapeDuring Operation Red Tape, Kennisland accompanied six schools in eliminating unnecessary and/or time-consuming paperwork, so teachers gain more time to do the work they love most: educating children..

As a former top hockey star++Top hockey playerShe won the final of the European Championships with the Dutch youth team in 2012. She also played with Hurley ladies 1 for five seasons in the Top Class (the Premier League of the hockey competition)., Stéphanie has learned that a team achieves the most when each player understands his/her own talents and weaknesses, and also those of her/his teammates. In addition, as a team you must trust one another, and give everyone the space to find and to claim their own place. To be able to translate these insights into solutions to social problems, it was time for new adventures. After studying health sciences, Stéphanie quit hockey, travelled half the world, chatted with coffee drinkers of Amsterdam-Oost as a barista, and studied at De Bildung Academie.

At De Bildung Academie++De Bildung AcademieA bottom-up movement that aims to bring “Bildung” (loosely translated: self-development) back to education. Personal development and developing a sense of social responsibility are key. Read more, where personal development was key, Stéphanie studied contemporary social problems. It was here that she realised, in these turbulent times, society needs more than just people with lots of knowledge and analytical capacity. She believes there is a lack of ethical awareness, empathy and sincere, honest conversations. This very meaningful experience sparked her curiosity about new forms of education.

Stéphanie loves glitter and plants, dreaming of a world that looks like the film sets of Wes Anderson++Wes AndersonHer favourites: Moonrise Kingdom, Darjeeling Limited and The Royal Tenenbaums., and devises small personal projects to satisfy her creative desires. These include a short film in which she danced freestyle for 4 minutes and 8 seconds to the song Raconte-moi une Histoire by M83.++Raconte-moiShe made the short film after half a year of studying at De Bildung Academie. She wanted to convey her sense of enrichment and happiness to her fellow students, and believed that dance spoke louder than words. Due to its personal nature, the film is not available online. However, the original music video is. She has also written poems about the all-too-familiar experience of working as an intern.

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