Suzanne van der Geest
Suzanne van der Geest

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Advisor care innovation

Suzanne van der Geest

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As an advisor care innovation Suzanne is committed to working towards a new kind of healthcare. One where people have more control over their own health. She does this by engaging those who are concerned, such as elderly, caregivers or healthcare students. She believes that their stories contain the answers for tomorrow’s care.

Suzanne is interested in why people act the way they do. What are their stories? This interest made her study Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, specialisation political communication. Her idea was becoming a journalist, conducting research and explaining what is going on. During her studies she worked as a media analist at the Nieuwsmonitor. In these years her idealism grew together with the need to strive towards a more sustainable, social and healthy world.

After her studies she worked as a communication officer at Sportmedical Centre Fysiomed before she started at social enterprise Hollandsch-Welvaren++Hollandsch-WelvarenAt that time Hollandsch-Welvaren was concerned with strategy, intervention development and communication on parenting, positive impact of sports on children and mental fitness of vulnerable people.. There, her ideals got more focus: enhancing healthier behaviour. Suzanne developed social interventions, campaigns, digital tools and training programmes focussed on building a healthier generation. During this period she indulged herself into behavioural change, positive psychology and happiness, which eventually led to a new step: working at the GeluksBV++GeluksBVThe GeluksBV enhances growth which facilitates health and happiness. They work actively towards Gross National Happiness. The GeluksBV believes happiness can partially be trained. Via training programmes and social innovation they stimulate people to start enhancing their own well-being..

Working at the GeluksBV Suzanne learned about the science of well-being (among others things by Beter beleid door te sturen op geluk) and how to put this knowledge into practice. Her goal was contributing to Gross National Happiness++Gross National HappinessThe principles of Gross National Happiness are founded in Bhutan. More and more countries are following. Organisations and policymakers focussing on well-being by using happiness measurements. The Global Happiness Council (GHC) already shows best practices on happiness policy in education, health care and city development. . In pursuing her own happiness she looked for more deepening and a more research-centered job. That is when she met Kennisland. Now she conducts research and designs the future of healthcare and growing old happily.

What makes her happy? Eating (a lot of) good food, spending time with friends, being active (yoga, cycling, dancing), being outdoors, camping, self-reflection, snowboarding, an empty agenda, writing and reading (good reads are welcome!).

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