Kennisland launches Embedr

Embedr is a new service, which allows everyone to embed cultural heritage images across the Internet, while maintaining provenance information.

8 december 2015

UPDATE: in 2016 we had to shut down Embedr, because we were not able to find a good business model for the service. Read more about Embedr on the project page.

Over the past year Kennisland has worked on a new service called Embedr, which allows everyone to embed cultural heritage images across the Internet, while maintaining provenance information. It allows zooming, panning and cropping of images. It is image embedding done right!

Kennisland developed Embedr to address the gap between the emergence of high-quality cultural heritage images on the Internet and the lack of widely available tools++TechnologyEmbedr is fully open source. You can find more information here. to use them properly.  We have used the Europeana dataset to make approximately 360,000 images available across dozens of institutions in Europe. These cultural heritage organisations made a large effort to digitise their collections at high quality, and are willing and able to share them with a wider audience.

All images on Embedr have at least 4 megapixels. This resolution makes it possible to explore the image in detail and in meaningful ways. Embedr lets you play around with the image. You can discover new aspects and details of the image until you find the detail you are interested in.

Try it yourself

The image below is embedded from Embedr. Try panning and zooming, and click on the embed button for more functionality.


ImagesEmbedr – image embedding done right! on Embedr are freely reusable and can be embedded without permission from the rights holder. They are either in the public domain or have an open license, which allows for sharing and reuse. However, both the creators and the publishing cultural institutions deserve good attribution: acknowledgement for the work and for making it available to the public. We use embedding standards++iFramesWe allow the embedding of our images using iFrames, which is the same methodology that YouTube uses for embedding movies. and designed our platform to optimise retaining this provenance information, also on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

On your platform

With its embedding standards and our infrastructure, Embedr is good candidate to display high-resolution images on your site. We will take care of bandwidth and further development of the site and we store the images in a datacenter in Germany. This makes it really easy to replace the display of your image with our viewer++URLsOur viewer has custom and predictable URLs, containing your object ID for easy integration on your platform..

Embedr is developed as part of Europeana Creative and funded by the European Union. We thank our technology partners Klokan Technologies and Tom Kruijsen.

Are you interested in having your collection on Embedr, or do you have a question for us? Contact us at

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