A Luxembourg roadmap for authority data

Kennisland creates a roadmap for the further development of authority files in Luxembourg.


Maker: Maarten Brinkerink



Authority data++DataAuthority files are data containing e.g. historic names of places, Latin and common names of plants and animals, etc. They are used to normalise collection information and allow researchers and users of heritage information to find connections and navigate vast collections of information. is a core aspect of a collaborative heritage sector. Authority files enable effective and efficient use and navigation of vast stores of cultural heritage information. A lack of common authority files creates barriers to navigate collection data and a barrier to collaborate between heritage institutions.

KennislandA sustainable roadmap for authority data relies on the embedding of that roadmap. works for the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture to guide their heritage sector in creating a common understanding of authority data, and to build a roadmap of developing and promoting authority files in Luxembourg. A sustainable roadmap for authority data relies on the embedding of that roadmap++RoadmapRead more about our work in the heritage field. within the current practices and needs of the heritage sector. Kennisland facilitates and collects these needs in workshops with key stakeholders of the Luxembourg heritage sector.

During the project Kennisland identifies approaches that lead to coherent national linked open data sets containing authority data; sets that are linked to other national or international dataset and projects.

Kennisland works with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision to develop this roadmap.


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