Judith Blijden
Judith Blijden

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Judith Blijden

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Judith Blijden is a lawyer and legal philosopher. As an advisor in the areas of copyright and digital culture, she focuses on improving the copyright framework within the European Union. She does so by working together with cultural heritage institutions and educational organisations. Her ultimate goal is to improve the access to information and culture. She writes policy documents and gives workshops for professionals on the topic of copyright law.

Copyright law is complicated because it is not up to speed with modern technological possibilities++KL and copyrightRead more about how Kennisland is trying to modernise copyright. . It is often unclear to users, or even to legal professionals to know what they legally can and cannot do in regards to an online object. Judith helps professionals from the cultural heritage sector to improve the legal information of digital cultural objects on Europeana, Europe’s largest online collection of art, culture and science.

She also works at COMMUNIA Assocation on the Public Domain++Kennisland is a member of COMMUNIA Association on the Public Domain. This organisations advocates for policies that safeguard the public domain and improve access to culture and information. Read more., an organisation that advocates for policies that expand the public domain and increase the access to and reuse of culture and knowledge. The European Union needs clear copyright law allowing teachers and cultural heritage professionals to focus on their profession instead of the legal status of their educational materials or cultural objects.

Judith graduated from Leiden University with a master’s degree in Philosophy and law. She did research on the principles behind the freedom of speech and the role of morality in the legal proceedings of the Nuremberg Trial++The Nuremberg trialThe Nuremberg trial was held by the Allied forces after World War II. It prosecuted the prominent members of the Nazi regime.

 and the status of nazi law during and after the Second World War. During her studies she interned at the Permanent Presentation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Nations in New York where she worked on Security Council reform and the Dutch campaign for a non-permanent seat in the Security Council.

Judith is from Zoetermeer, but currently resides in Amsterdam. She loves to sing and plays the piano and the guitar. She enjoys visiting museums and galleries. Her favourite work of art is (of course) Gustav Klimt’s ‘Judith’.

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