What we have learned in 2021

Rather than boasting about our great projects, we prefer to share what we have learned. We want others to benefit from our lessons and insights, because we see knowledge in all its forms as the most important source of social progress, welfare and prosperity. We believe in learning from each other’s mistakes and successes and building on each other’s work. Read what we have learned about society and innovating together during the past year.

Useful lessons by KL

Maker: KL / Via Pexels


7 April 2022

For instance, we have learned that innovators often get stranded on overly rigid structures, that a game sometimes yields more than traditional research, that inclusive working succeeds, but that it comes by trial and error and in small steps. Innovation requires doubt, wonder, research and experimentation, as is shown time and again. 

Innovation also requires people to get their hands dirty. And often you have to embrace discomfort to move forward. Almost always, just starting pays off.

Take a look at our portfolio with 25 valuable lessons for social innovators, learned in practice:

Valuable lessons

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