1. Chris Sigaloff
  2. Thijs van Exel
  3. Lisette Kalshoven
  4. Tessa Askamp
    Tessa Askampthis week
    Tessa Askamp

    Talked to 10 innovative minds in Dutch vocational education this week. Time for extensive analysis!

    Advisor technology, open source and digital culture
  5. Nora van der Linden
  6. Paul Keller
    Paul Kellerthis week
    Paul Keller

    In Washington D.C for the Creative Commons global network strategy meeting

    Director and advisor copyright policy
  7. Tijmen Schep
    Tijmen Schepthis week
    Tijmen Schep

    Happy with speakers at next Out of Office about the darker sides of the sharing economy.

    Advisor digital culture, creative industry and public participation
  1. Maarten Zeinstra
    Maarten Zeinstra

    YouTube should open up Content ID

    Advisor copyright law and technology in the cultural sector.
  2. Wieteke Vrouwe
  3. Willemijn de Jong
  4. Tessa de Geus
  5. Pepijn Reeser
  6. Marlieke Kieboom
  7. Belle Teunissen