1. Thijs van Exel
  2. Lisette Kalshoven
    Lisette Kalshoven

    In Brussels, discussing digital skills & lifelong learning

    Advisor copyright and open education
  3. Nora van der Linden
  4. Paul Keller
    Paul Kellerthis week
    Paul Keller

    At the opening of the Frankfurt book-fair

    Director and advisor copyright policy
  5. Simone van de Wetering
  6. Chris Sigaloff
  7. Maarten Zeinstra
    Maarten Zeinstra

    Gives a lecture to students about intellectual property

    Advisor copyright law and technology in the cultural sector.
  1. Willemijn de Jong
  2. Kimon Moerbeek
    Kimon Moerbeek

    Giving a lecture to managers in secondary education on innovating education in the network society

    Advisor education
  3. Judith Blijden
    Judith Blijden

    presents stART, a plugin that brings art to your Chrome browser

    Advisor copyright and digital culture
  4. Tessa de Geus
  5. Belle Teunissen
  6. Wieteke Vrouwe
  7. Tessa Askamp