Marcel Oosterwijk
Marcel Oosterwijk

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Head of Communications

Marcel Oosterwijk

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Marcel Oosterwijk is Kennisland’s head of communications and seasoned can-do-it-all, responsible for the branding of KL and many of its projects. He makes ugly things pretty, bends words into smooth sentences and translates between different lingos. He also designs websites and manages the development of websites like, en

After completing a Higher Economic and Administrative Education in Eindhoven he decided to continue his studies. The tricks he had learned during his Communication studies were handy, but little is taught at the University of Applied Sciences about the reason these tricks work and why things happen the way they do. Cultural Sociology studies++Cultural SociologyCultural sociologists gain knowledge of contemporary cultural developments in relation to social processes. at the University of Amsterdam filled these gaps and a twenty-page article++Het wassende webDutch only: ‘Het wassende web. De opmars van internet als persoonlijk communicatiemedium’ (AST year 29 p. 394-416). on the social implications of the internet as a personal communication medium in the Amsterdam Sociology Magazine put a nice end to his scientific ‘career’. Marcel was ready for work.

For three years he worked as a project manager/web designer at an ICT-bureau that specialised in innovative internet applications for welfare institutions. Then he became a graphic designer at an architects’ firm, where he translated sketches and technical drawings into presentations for future occupants and developers. Marcel’s crazy leaps (from text writer to web designer, from communication specialist to sociologist) illustrate what’s important to him: to explore as many worlds as possible, to keep on learning new things.

In his spare time Marcel often rides his motorbike with a backpack full of photo gear, looking for that one abandoned factory or photogenic gallery flat, capturing slices of life through a sociological looking glass. If it rains, he likes to watch movies++MoviesFavourite directors are Stanley Kubrick, Ulrich Seidl, Todd Solondz and Christopher Nolan.. Marcel has developed into a specialised all-rounder. But there is always room for improvement. He would like to be a better photographer (see his website), a better furniture maker, and also a true world traveler. He might just do it all.