Tamara Mangelaars

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Office manager

Tamara Mangelaars

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In her position as an office manager Tamara aims to be the eyes and ears of her co-workers, as well as the voice and face of Kennisland for visitors. While she focuses on editorial assignments, Tamara also supports her colleagues in every possible way, whether they need supplies, basic ICT support or assistance in finding anything. All this is done with great enthusiasm and a smile.

She has a Bachelor’s from the Reinwardt Academy and unofficially studied pop music in her spare time, immersing herself in Amsterdam’s thriving music and art scenes. As well as being a frequent festivalgoer and karaoke performer, Tamara also has a passion for travelling. Her road trips have taken her all over the world, from Amsterdam to Beijing in 2008 and from Amsterdam to Cape Town in 2010.