Tamara Mangelaars
Tamara Mangelaars

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Tamara Mangelaars

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As a team manager Tamara creates a pleasant and safe working environment in Kennisland. She ensures that nobody is short of anything in our cozy office. She is the voice and face of KL for guests, and eyes, ears and shoulder for colleagues. She supports director Marieke with dedication, and eagerly finds impurities in texts. As an internship coordinator, she takes care of all students who walk around in KL and she interferes with Kennisland’s administration and IT. She also likes to check how everyone is doing, organises company outings and finds everything others are looking for.

At the Marineterrein she is the point of contact on behalf of KL for many matters and she maintains warm contact with all neighbours. And since the merge with the CAOP, she has even more people and things to look after. She is involved in diversity & inclusion, corporate social responsibility and internal events. She has been a member of the works council of Stichting CAOP since March 2023 and is discovering the wonderful world of employee participation.

Tamara studied Museology at the Reinwardt Academy and unofficially studied pop music in her spare time, immersing herself in Amsterdam’s thriving music and art scenes. As well as being a frequent festivalgoer and karaoke performer, Tamara also has a passion for self-development, yoga, walking, eating, wandering and/or travelling, sometimes just in Amsterdam and sometimes (over land) to the other side of the world. Tamara likes to connect with people everywhere, thus her favourite quote (by Ram Dass) is:

“When you know how to listen, everybody is the guru.”

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