Emma Steenbergen
Emma Steenbergen

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Emma Steenbergen

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Emma is social innovation advisor at Kennisland. She is committed to a sustainable, just and cohesive society. Simplifying the complex, involving people and getting serious things done; that is what she likes to do. According to her, you have to tackle issues by giving those involved the floor and the power to change.

During her study Health Sciences, Emma looked at the healthcare sector on different levels. She worked at the home care organisation Emile in Amsterdam, supporting people with ALS at home. “I just want to talk to you” became the motto in her research into the care experience of residents in nursing homes of Cordaan. In Lao PDR, at the MCNV, she studied how cultural, structural and practical barriers in the healthcare system contribute to the high number of teenage pregnancies. There she saw the necessity to look at a societal problem from many different perspectives. 

After her studies, Emma made the step to the local government. At the municipality of Stichtse Vecht, she worked on an innovative, future-proof and sustainable economy. It was there that her passion for tackling challenges around climate justice and an inclusive energy transition was born. She discovered that her strength lies in connecting people in order to reach common goals, approaches or solutions together. She does this by collecting stories and ideas, instead of telling people what to doHer strength lies in connecting people in order to reach common goals, approaches or solutions together.

In her free time, Emma is always trying out new hobbies such as playing the accordion, do-it-yourself projects or colouring pictures for adults. Sport is a recurring ingredient that gives her a lot of energy. You can regularly find her wearing boxing gloves, slaving away on her bike or in a stable Pilates position. She also enjoys going to the cinema or spending time with friends and family in a pub, or cooking for them at home.

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