Iselien Nabben

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Senior advisor social innovation and leadership development

Iselien Nabben

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Iselien Nabben works as senior advisor social innovation and leadership development at Kennisland. She is especially interested in how to support individuals and organisations in development, change and innovation by focusing on underlying patterns that make people and communities behave the way they do and the possibility to redesign the principles of interaction to make a breakthrough. A special focus is the power and the constraints of language. She focuses on developing interventions, building networks, supporting change and learning programmes in fields as education, government, healthcare and culture.

Iselien’s approach involves creating connections by, building bridges between people and groups of people and between conflicting logics, between theory and practice, rationality and emotion, word and deed. She focuses on organisations with a public and social emphasis, such as those in education, healthcare, culture and government.

‘Social innovation’ and ‘changes from within’ are key concepts that underlie Iselien’s approach. Her aim is to strengthen the innovative capacity of individuals and organisations by means of learning platforms and interventions that enable a different, sometimes daring approach to be applied to organisations and working processes, ensuring lessons can be learned. Interventions are like ‘snowballs’, oil stains, kitchen tables, intermediate spaces and places to hang out. These are metaphorical spaces in which ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

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