Ferry Nagel
Ferry Nagel

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Senior advisor care innovation

Ferry Nagel

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Ferry works as senior advisor care innovation. For him, health care is about people who help you to take back control over your life. To be able to make your own choices is part of who you are. Healthcare professionals who enable you to do so deserve a system that works for them, and not the other way around. Ferry’s drive is that all innovations, ideas and collaborations contribute to the same goal: better health care. 

Ferry sees opportunities for those who need it most. The innovations and ideas are already out there; what we need are organisations, people and networks to accelerate them. 

After his master Political Science Ferry worked at the ministry of health on the transparent health programme. From 2012 he worked for the National Health Care Institute of the Netherlands. It was here where he first brought organisations in healthcare together to collaborate. He constructed the Register for quality standards on the website www.zorginzicht.nl. As an advisor for the Development & Science team he started the ‘developmentLab’ to improve methods used within the National Health Care Institute. He founded the youth organisation of the National Health Care Institute to share experiences and create a nicer working environment. In 2013, he co-founded the young health think tank (Jonge Zorgdenktank), which is a network of young (<35) healthcare professionals who share their knowledge and experience to improve healthcare. 

At the Foundation for Basic Mental Health Care (Stichting KiBG) he organised the national congress for basic mental health care, again bringing people together to collaborate. He collected good practices of basic mental health care: innovations like VR therapy or a talk & walk practice. Ferry was inspired by a network of different parties who improved the rules of how and when they could give mental support. With a group of leading organisations in basic mental health care he determined the mission of basic mental health care.  

Ferry switched to Kennisland so he could do more than discuss good practices; he aims to improve these practices himself. 

He lives with his girlfriend and two daughters in Driebergen. Here he plays, changes diapers, cooks, cleans and chills. In the forest of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug you could find him lost, but running or cycling or wandering. You can make him laugh with nonsense and word jokes. Ferry is charmed by wooden benches and everything that is a little bit broken.

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