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Faduma Mukhtar

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Faduma Mukhtar

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Faduma Mukhtar is a social innovation advisor at Kennisland. With a background in health sciences, she has a wide interest in themes related to social inequality, prevention, health differences, mental health, healthcare efficiency and social participation in the broadest sense of the word. 

In the current state of the world, in which complex societal problems pile up quickly, she finds it distressing to see how (vulnerable) people become entangled in the web of systems and bureaucracy. Faduma wants to get rid of the idea that existing methods used to find solutions are maintained because ‘we have always done it that way’. The search for innovative and sustainable solutions starts with bringing together the most diverse and relevant parties that are closest to the issue at hand. By connecting their unique insights and stories, desired societal changes will better align with the needs of all parties.

When dealing with complex societal problems, it is important to broaden your view and look at the international context for new insights. Therefore, Faduma also focused on international public health in the pursuit of her master’s degree in Management, Entrepreneurship & Policy Analysis in Health & Life Sciences. During an internship on the island Zanzibar in Tanzania, sheFaduma wants to get rid of the idea that existing methods used to find solutions are maintained because ‘we have always done it that way’. helped set up the Friendship Bench++Friendship benchA program developed in Zimbabwe that offers cognitive-behavioural therapy with the aim of reducing common mental disorders. The sessions are not facilitated by health care professionals, but by newly trained and trusted members of the community. Read more, a program aimed at improving the mental health of women who have survived a maternal near-miss (MNM)++MNMMaternal near miss refers to a woman who nearly died of complications during pregnancy, childbirth or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy. Read more. The Friendship Bench uses a problem-solving therapy++Problem-solving therapyA brief psychological therapy that includes: problem listing and identification, problem exploration, developing an action plan, implementation and follow up. One of the benefits of using this methodology is that it can be easily adapted to a specific context and therefore can be applied in an environment with little resources. Read more methodology to tackle and discuss mental problems within the community in an accessible way. Faduma was able to transform her research results into policy which helped adjusting the Friendship Bench into a program that met the needs of women who have survived an MNM in Zanzibar. Throughout this project, she learned about the importance of involving the target group early on in the search for solutions.

After her studies, Faduma worked at SOS International, one of the external parties that supported GGD-GHOR nationally in the fight against the coronavirus. In a short time, she had grown into a trainer, coach and coordinator for ‘coronavirus contact tracing’++Contact tracing Used during the COVID-19 crisis to rapidly identify and inform people who have contracted the coronavirus and their close contacts about current health advice. This public health measure can enable the interruption of further transmission. Read more

employees stationed throughout the Netherlands. During this period, she worked with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds. She noticed the necessity to be aware of which target group you have in front of you in order to perform the knowledge transfer in a way that is accessible and understandable for everyone. This skill also came in handy during her work as a teacher at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where she taught health sciences students.

Faduma grew up in Ede and lived in Amsterdam for a few years during her studies. She enjoys watching and listening to true crime documentaries and podcasts and long walks in nature. Whenever possible, she likes to take short and long trips abroad with friends. She especially loves to visit beautiful cities throughout Eastern Europe.

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