Lisette Kalshoven
Lisette Kalshoven

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Advisor copyright and open education

Lisette Kalshoven

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Lisette Kalshoven is an advisor in the areas of copyright, heritage and open education. She combines writing policy documents with practical interventions and training sessions for professionals. Creating access to information++Access to informationLisette started her thinking on creating access to information in university, baffled by the lack of access to scholarly publications. Read more is always the reference point in her work. Lisette is also vice president of the COMMUNIA Association which advocates for policies that expand the public domain and increase access to and reuse of culture and knowledge.

At Kennisland Lisette works as the project lead for Copyright Reform for Education, a project that aims to change the copyright rules to give educators the freedom they need to teach with all materials they need. She also works on COMMUNIA++COMMUNIARead about what we want to achieve with COMMUNIA here., lobbying in Brussels for a sensible copyright reform. Lisette helps museums, archives and libraries create an open policy with regard to copyright in their collections, creating online access where possible.

Previously, she worked as the project lead of Europeana Sounds, a European project that successfully doubled the amount of audio files accessible through Europeana, organised a learning network for municipalities on open data, developed a model for open education policy for several Dutch schools and more.

Copyright reform is a necessity. The 19th-century system is not coping well with our digital society, and is limiting citizens in legally accessing and reusing works not being exploited elsewhere. This is why Lisette works on strengthening the Public Domain, promoting copyright workarounds like Creative Commons licenses and giving talks on making copyright law understandable for laymen.

She is also passionate about Open Education++Busting mythsThere are a lot of myths surrounding Open Education. Lisette busts 6 in this opinion piece.. Lisette believes that we can create a higher quality education system if teachers have more influence on the way they teach, they create their own materials and reuse the material created by colleagues. In order to do so, teachers need new skills and knowledge about copyright. This is why Lisette helps teachers learn about making education open, copyright and the amazing open teaching materials already out there.

In 2012 Lisette graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a Master’s degree in Military Science, focusing on the effects of battle on the psyche of US soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. She spent time studying in the United States, Syria, the UK and The Netherlands. After a Bachelor’s in history with a speciality in Vietnam War-focused movies++Full Metal JacketLisette’s favorite Vietnam movie is Full Metal Jacket, specifically because of this dialoque., she can not only quote The Deer Hunter (1978) and Operation Dumbo Drop (1995), but also likes to discuss the social, cultural and political implications of their releases.

Lisette is from Amsterdam, is an avid Fantasy book reader, loves cooking and is intrigued by obscure Americana bands. On the weekends you can find her testing out a new brunch place in the city, visiting a farmers’ market, visiting a concert or running in the park.


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