Willemijn de Jong
Willemijn de Jong

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Willemijn de Jong

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Willemijn de Jong is an educationalist and educational innovator at Kennisland. Her aim is to stimulate education which is challenging for teachers as well as pupils. Education that is reflective and reviews its own goals, and engages in a continuous dialogue with those involved. Among other projects, Willemijn organises the educational programme Innovatiesafari and the challenge and incubator of Onze Nieuwe School (Our New School). She is actively involved in the project InnovatieImpulsOnderwijs.

Ever since Willemijn can remember, she questions how education works. Who decides what we need to learn? Her passion for education increases during her bachelor study Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, and with her job at the ISO, the largest national students organisation that represents over half a million students of universities and colleges. Later on she discovers not only how difficult it is to be a teacher, but also that education is about asking the right questions, rather than giving the correct answers. She decides to broaden her knowledge of education by choosing educational sciences as her master study.

Willemijn is also interested in ways to break the established routines and create new connections. That is exactly why she was involved in the project de Daktuin Utrecht, a roof top garden in Utrecht, which was built to create a place where entrepreneurs, students and employees can meet and inspire each other. Furthermore, she likes to ponder on philosophical matters, preferably with a strong cup of coffee and in good company.

She trains her think wrinkles by wondering what it is that motivates people to create systems (pedometers, monarchies, risk management) they do not understand themselves. To avoid and break the daily grind, she always takes a different route on her way home. She is looking forward to the day, when a family tree will verify that Roald Dahl is one of her ancestors.

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