Creative Business Models @ Picnic #3

6 January 2010

We end this Creatieve Business Models blog session with some questions and remarks from the audience:

Q (Walter Amerika): How do you keep initial costs as low as possible for creatives?
A -Jetse: we do have discount fees for starters. We work for money, so we would jeopardize our fee if we were depend on the successful outcome of a project
– Patty: we work on a no cure, no pay business. And it can take years to get a format on the market. We find this with successful formats we did earlier. Choosing successful formats in done with the whole team in creative sessions. It’s a mix of gut feeling and market knowledge. Absolutely Independent is a partner. For instance: we take stock in paper formats.

Quote: Maarten Brands (W!Games): No, we don’t use subsidy. It takes a lot of time to write proposals, and for what: 50.000 euro? We burn that in a week.

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