Government supports Creative Commons NL

6 January 2010

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science have agreed to financially support Creative Commons The Netherlands (CC-NL) for the coming two-and-a-half years.

CC-NL will use the money to develop the following activities:

  • Supporting the use of Creative Commons licenses in The Netherlands.
  • Carrying out research about the use of CC-licenses in different sectors. An important part of the research will deal with existing obstacles that users of the licenses run into.
  • Promoting and the exchange of knowledge and improving coordination of activities at the European level.

CC-NL has specifically targeted the following groups for its activities:

  • Individual composers and musicians
  • Students specializing in media or topics related to culture
  • Schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions
  • Institutions with an interest in cultural heritage
  • Goverment institutions (notably public television)

More information about CC-NL can be obtained by sending an e-mail to

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