Kennisland Social Innovation Safari 2012

One-week program in which participants from diverse backgrounds work together on complex social issues. For one week we create the perfect social innovation think tank.

2012 - 2012

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The Kennisland Social Innovation Safari is a one-week program in which 30 participants from diverse backgrounds work together on complex issues for social organisations in Amsterdam and surroundings. We think the best solutions to complex issues are solved by teams as diverse as possible. For one week we create the perfect social innovation think tank. Imagine the thinking power of designers, consultants, social workers, entrepreneurs: all together. Imagine being part of that!

The Safari is a twofold process.

It’s a ‘solution brigade’ working with the partnerorganisation to find solutions for complex problems and an action learning program for social innovators. While solving problems they learn about social design and co-creation.

Three principles

Design thinking: In the Safari we work with the principles of Design Thinking. We work towards a solution like normal consultants, but we think as designers. We work together with all stakeholders and prototype the ideas that come up during the week.

Think local and global: Participants come from the Netherlands and from all over the world. This combination of international and local talents will combine an experienced inside look with a fresh outside look.

Diversity creates wisdom: We believe social innovation is realized by bringing different minds together. That is why we work with teams as diverse as possible. Social innovators can come from any sector: designers, consultants, social workers, (social) entrepreneurs, governmental officials etc. Together they create the most versatile and creative solutions to complex issues. For one week this will be the ideal social innovation thinktank, a dreamteam!

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