Hong Kong teachers on a Dutch education safari

Last week, the Teacher Fellows from Ednovators Hong Kong visited Kennisland to learn more from teachers, schools, and education pioneers and innovators in The Netherlands.

Hong Kong teachers at Hogeschool Leiden

Hong Kong teachers on education safari in the Netherlands.

Maker: Kennisland


28 May 2018

Since 2017 Kennisland has been working together with Ednovators Hong Kong to organise The Fellowship for Teachers++The Fellowship for TeachersRead more about the project here.. The programme is based on Kennisland’s Education Pioneers programme (currently The Teachers Development Fund++The Teachers Development FundThis fund supports and connects teachers with initiatives and ideas to improve education in The Netherlands. Their website is in Dutch. ) and helps teachers to become changemakers.

Last week 41 teachers visited the Netherlands to learn more about Dutch innovations in education. Kennisland showed them a variety of interesting schools such as Spring High, Technasium at Damstede Lyceum, UniC in Utrecht and Vathorst college in Amersfoort, and also brought them in contact with several innovatorsWe should focus more on our empowerment and creativity than on the restrictions or problems of the system..

Their observations and discussions resulted in various urgent themes such as the engagement of students in the education process, learning by doing, redesigning the classroom situation and in general the innovative leadership teachers can develop to improve their schools. One of the reflections at the end of the week was:We should focus more on our empowerment and creativity than on the restrictions or problems of the system”. After this learning journey in the Netherlands and other Western countries they return to Hong Kong and to their schools, where the real hard work of improving their education is waiting for them.

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