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We aim for maximum impact without pursuing profit; our priority is the public interest. We do not receive structural subsidies. This means that we are independent, sharp and enterprising. We are proud to share our successes and ambitions for the future.

14 February 2017

Check our annual report and preview

New school concepts, leaders in culture, urban innovators, municipalities experimenting with open data and the modernisation of European copyright law: in 2016 Kennisland continued to work on complex social problems as a change agent. Check out last year’s successes++KL annual reportsMore annual reports can be found on this page. and our ambitions for 2017.

To do justice to our personal observations, actions, opinions and amazement at the world around us we also offer a glimpse at our calendars, just as we do on our homepage with status updates from all KL’ers. With each success you can see what else we have done within the same domain.Scroll through our status updates to see what we have done within different domains. Scroll through the timeline++TimelineThe timeline only works on desktops and tablets, not on mobile phones. Of course you can see the successes and ambitions on your phone! at the bottom of the screen and click on a status update to read more about it. 

We also take a good look at ourselves in the mirror: what is the gender ratio at Kennisland? Are there income disparities between the sexes? Where do our employees come from? And what is our environmental impact?

Check our annual report and preview

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