Fuzzy little feelin’: the Simpsons

6 januari 2010

The Simpsons are of course an interesting case for anyone interested in the creative industries. What series stayed with us so long? What is the secret? David Silverman (director The Simpsons the Movie) has no clear answer: “we can’t codify, we’ll do anything that we can make jokes about”.

And work an average nine months on a single episode. There even is a pencil test: is the colour right? And if it isn’t we’ll just sketch it again. And that for nineteen years on a row. Success in an understatement.

Silverman quotes Yogi bear: “it’s hard to make predictions, especially on the future”. At the end of the day it’s all about the money. The Simpsons isn’t the most costly FOX production, but still: it costs a lot.

For us, docile fan-public, this PICNIC session was one warm fuzzy half an hour of sharing in the joy of making the Simpsons. What a wonderful live were you can enjoy Simpson take outs, and pretend to be conferencing.

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