P2P-Television Workshop in Amsterdam

6 januari 2010

Creative Industries and technology are growing further towards each other in Amsterdam today. Researchers from Delft University of Technology just presented the newest P2P-software, called Tribler.

Tribler is fully compatible with BitTorrent, but includes a number of features unique to P2P-software. In particular Tribler builds on top of social networks. For instance, using Tribler it is possible to ‘donate’ your own upload capacity to your Tribler ‘friends’.

Nearly ninety representatives from media companies, universities, software companies and Creative Commons have met together today to get a first glance at Tribler. Moreover, in a one-day workshop they are discussing the possibilities for P2P-TV and the legal aspects of the use of Creative Commons licenses in P2P-TV.

Tribler software is open source.

To find out more about Tribler and to download the first version visit their website.

Unfortunately, there is no live-stream video from the workshop. However, photos from the workshop can be found at the Knowledgeland Flickr site.

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This text has a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) and has been copied from the Kennisland website. For a full version with images, streamers and notes go to https://www.kl.nl/opinie/p2p-television-workshop-in-amsterdam/